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The fresh new laws undermines certain confident procedures Colombia had become to make for the decarbonising the fresh new transport field

The fresh new laws undermines certain confident procedures Colombia had become to make for the decarbonising the fresh new transport field

What’s more, it frustrates the skills of its places going less than the obama administration inside the decarbonising the mass transit systems. The federal government has not yet heeded phone calls so you can repeal the fresh new rules


Community techniques depict a tiny portion of Colombia’s total pollutants, accounting just for 3% off emissions (IDEAM et al., 2018). Within mitigation step in globe, Colombia emphasises improving complete energy savings, in addition to particular measures aimed at reducing pollutants during the instance heavy-emitting marketplaces, such as for example cement, brickyards, logistical cargo and fertiliser design (Gobierno de Colombia, 2020a).

Even in the event community signifies a small fraction of Colombian pollutants, brand new industry plays a role in complete decarbonisation in accordance with step 1.5°C suitable criteria, including as a result of decarbonising concrete creation and you will electrifying commercial energy possibilities. Colombia’s latest address to possess cement creation would be to alternative fifteen% of your times consumed from the concrete flowers which have co-operating via residues and you will sub-facts, thereby substitution a portion of fossil fuel currently utilized.

The fresh Pet indicates that are compatible with the new 1.5°C limitation, concrete development needs to beat its pollutants strength so you can no of the 2050, (Environment Step Tracker, 2020). The fresh new concrete business inside Colombia remains far from that it no-emissions trajectory. Zero address was but really set for electrifying brand new Colombian commercial industry.


Colombia updated its mitigation strategy in 2020 with the release of the new sectoral mitigation strategy (PIGGCS) from its Ministry of Housing (Ministerio de Vivienda Colombia, 2020). This strategy consolidates the mitigation goals for both the buildings and waste sector into one target, collectively accounting for roughly 4 MtCO2e of mitigation in 2030.

The buildings sector is projected to play a relatively small role in meeting the 2030 mitigation target, accounting for only 0.32 MtCO2e of the mitigation goal in 2030 (Ministerio de Vivienda Colombia, 2020). Most of this projected mitigation potential comes from the implementation of Resolution 0549 on Sustainable Construction, which came into force in 2016 and indicates minimum energy efficiency standards for heating, cooling, and other energy uses to be met by buildings, aiming to reduce the overall energy and water use of new buildings (Gobierno de Colombia- Minvivienda, 2015).

Mitigation potential regarding the Colombian property business you will definitely improve slightly immediately following criteria getting green structure and you may procedure about lifetime duration of buildings try finalised of the Ministry within the Federal Alternative Buildings Plan (Ministerio de Vivienda Colombia, 2020; Federal Council from Economic and Societal Plan Colombia, 2018). Quality 0549 needs proportional reductions from anywhere between 20-45% both in time and you can water practices away from 2018 onward, with respect to the climatic zone where in actuality the strengthening is located.

Colombia’s up-to-date NDC calls for a hundred% of brand new houses built to satisfy such usage protection quotas of the 2026, continued using 2030 (Gobierno de Colombia, 2020b). While this is a step throughout the proper direction on Colombian structure market, it still drops in short supply of what is needed getting a deep decarbonisation of your own industry. Brand new Pet implies that to be compatible with the fresh step one.5°C limitation, all new property constructed should be Zero Emissions Buildings (ZEBs) from the 2025. A complete decarbonisation of one’s electric battery is essential to attain full decarbonisation of your own property (Climate Action Tracker, 2020).


Agriculture makes up up to 30% out-of Colombian emissions (IDEAM mais aussi al. escort radar, 2018). Agriculture together with means a significant revenue stream having Colombia, since the 17% of one’s labour push is engaged in agriculture often for domestic application otherwise export (Portafolio, 2020).

Agriculture accounts for just as much as 29% out-of Colombian emissions (IDEAM ainsi que al., 2018). Agriculture in addition to signifies a significant revenue stream to own Colombia, as the 17% of the labour force are engaged in agriculture both to own domestic use or export (Portafolio, 2020).