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Living with brand new natives: the end result regarding Venezuelan pushed migration with the labor field during the Colombia

Living with brand new natives: the end result regarding Venezuelan pushed migration with the labor field during the Colombia


I guess the result of Venezuelan exodus on the Colombian labor field. The economic and you will social drama from inside the Venezuela caused one of the most critical migratory exoduses within the previous ages: over 4 billion Venezuelans remaining its nation and you may next to step 1.8 million found its way to Colombia. We reveal that an increase in step one p.p out of labor supply due the migratory move brought about a decrease in each hour earnings in the Colombia out of 0.4% and you will a poor aftereffect of 0.step 1 p.p. to your a career rates regarding reduced-competent professionals. The latest miss within the earnings try better for males, low-competent and you can everyday workers.


The latest Venezuelan migratory exodus is one of the most crucial attacks from forced migration around the globe: about cuatro.5 billion of Venezuelans kept the nation and you may moved someplace else Footnote step one (UNHCR 2019). The preferred destination for departing Venezuelan migrants is actually Colombia. Centered on authoritative statistics, there were almost step 1.8 mil out of Venezuelans living in Colombia when you look at the 2019, compliment of the newest Venezuelan financial and governmental crisis, and this is short for a boost in new express off Venezuelans staying in Colombia according to the fresh federal inhabitants out of 0.07% in the 2015 to 3.6% approximately during the 2019.

Which tall bout of migration signifies problematic so you can policymakers whom attempt to know and measure the possibility monetary and you may societal outcomes of these an enormous inflow away from immigrants, specifically for server places instance Colombia.

In this report, We exploit the latest Venezuelan exodus to help you comprehend the migratory episode’s impact on the fresh new Colombian labor business. We implement a differences-in-distinctions methodology and you will make my studies of the because of the amount of visibility across Colombian divisions to this exogenous labor likewise have shock, before and after 2016 (i.e. 2013-2019). When you look at the 2016 a critical and you will unexpected migratory influx regarding Venezuelans to Colombia happened if borders among them places was indeed reopened once almost a-year of closing.

My quotes advise that this new intensification of migratory circulate regarding Venezuelans originating in middle-2016 generated a significant drop within the aggregate wages plus in the latest a career rates of low-skilled professionals from inside the Colombia. A rise in step 1 fee point (p.p.) of the work force due to the inflow regarding Venezuelans produced a beneficial 0.4% decrease in earnings and you will an excellent 0.step 1 p.p. reduced total of employment for low-skilled specialists; which impact on a position represent a decrease of 0.18% in line with the common employment price off lower-skilled Colombian professionals during the 2015, before the Venezuelan exodus. As i estimate these consequences getting Colombian divisions located on the border which have Venezuela (La Guajira and you can Norte de- Santander), results teach your refuses when you look at the wages and a job for everybody pros was basically around ten% and you will step 3.cuatro p.p. (an effective mediocre a job), respectively, adopting the edging was lso are-established.

So you’re able to estimate the effect away from migration in these several edging departments, I construct a processing classification having fun with around three divisions out of Colombia you to definitely weren’t highly affected by immigration and showed, typically, similar style with respect to work business details together with similar socio-demographic features prior to the edging lso are-opening. To provide robustness to those results, I apply a synthetic Manage Approach and you may estimate a similar differences-in-differences estimations provided other combinations out-of divisions out-of Colombia once the manage communities.

I also guess heterogeneous outcomes because of the intercourse, number of degree, work formality and you will given perhaps the individuals were neighbors or not. I find one, when you look at the aggregate, the fresh damage into the earnings are high for males than the females and much stronger to own low-competent professionals. Additionally, the brand new lowering of wages was greater to own casual workers but truth be told there are not crucial differences when considering locals and low-natives; the only exception is that I have found a statistically tall increase about informality rates among non-residents in Colombia.