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N. Currently, it is one of the oldest dating platforms on the web with a massive audience

N. Currently, it is one of the oldest dating platforms on the web with a massive audience

Its monthly traffic reaches 1.9 million visits, which speaks of the immense popularity in the niche. Yet, this platform has more flaws than advantages. We included a summary of the service’s pros and cons in our NaughtyDate review.

Our Ratings

  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • User-friendly website
  • Fake profiles
  • No entertainment features
  • Aggressive advertising

NaughtyDate Summary

NaughtyDate would be a good hookup platform unless its audience consisted mostly of scams and fakes. The service has a well-made website, but it does not make sense since you will struggle to find a real person among countless false profiles. Besides, NaughtyDate promotes premium membership too aggressively by drastically limiting free features.

On top of that, the service forces you to buy a subscription on a completely different website. These tricky aspects question NaughtyDate’s reliability. So we cannot recommend this platform to you. There are many alternative hookup websites of better quality.

How it Works

The NaughtyDate site has a minimalistic yet informative design. The homepage contains a convenient registration form and briefly describes the offered features. To benefit from the service, you have to set up a profile. Follow the registration steps below:

  1. Go to NaughtyDate and fill in the sign-up form. You have to identify your gender, age, location, and enter an email address. Make up a password for your account and press the Join Now button. At this point, you will automatically agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy statements. You will also agree to receive emails from NaughtyDate. Therefore, do not include your business email in the sign-up form for security purposes.
  2. Confirm your email. Check your inbox, open the letter from NaughtyDate, and click on the account activation link.
  3. Proceed to your NaughtyDate dashboard.

The registration on the NaughtyDate site is pretty straightforward, which adds to the usability and convenience. Is the control panel as intuitive as the site? Let us check it out.

NaughtyDate Control Panel

Once you enter the dashboard, you can see that NaughtyDate has invested a lot into the usability of its interface. The control panel is minimalistic and does not contain too many advertisements. It has intuitive navigation, which makes it stand out from other services in the niche. There is also no need to search for different settings placed on opposite sides of the screen, like on other platforms.

Both profile and account settings are placed within a single expandable menu on the upper right side. Statistics are also located on the top right side.

Dating profiles are placed in the center of the page, while the search bar is located slightly above. You can scroll down the homepage to browse more profiles.

Multi-Language support is another advantage of NaughtyDate. You can select from more than 30 languages, including English and Spanish dialects.

Search Filters

  • Sexual orientation

Other dating platforms provide many more criteria for a detailed search. However, a massive audience can compensate for the lack of precise search settings. Besides, the advanced search is often based on the information users include in their profiles. Since people are not eager to indicate their body mass index, exact weight or income, precise search becomes useless on many hookup bars Cambridge dating platforms. Therefore, the lack of search filters on NaughtyDate is not a fatal flaw.

Profile Management

Unlike other dating and hookup services, NaughtyDate provides fewer profile management options. For instance, no personality questionnaire is available. Yet, completing too many surveys may be tiring, and this company understands it. Besides, the profile management page is minimalistic and convenient. All profile editing sections are placed on a single page, which makes navigation easy. They include: